Shalom Park

The Shalom Park 2024 Fundraiser & Appreciation Event

Fun evening for the whole family!  Join us in celebrating Shalom Park and our Honoree Bruce R. Bendell.  You do not have to love Golf, or even like Golf to appreciate our Event.  Each attendee will receive dinner and 2 beverage tickets, enjoy a presentation for the Honorees, and kibbitzing throughout this social extravaganza with Shalom friends.

Immediately following the short presentation, friends and family are invited to the golf bays for dinner, game play, and socializing.


Shalom Park is soaring with changes, and it is time to show appreciation!  The community is transforming and flourishing, and Shalom Park is thrilled to honor Bruce R. Bendell, CPA, Board member and Advisor, since 2001.  Bruce has supported Shalom Park through multiple changes including the building expansion, Shalom Hospice and Palliative Care, the vision and construction of the J. Leonard Levy Family Wellness Center, and currently, the Modernization/Renovation Campaign at Shalom Park.

Bruce is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)who has expertise in tax, audit, and financial planning. In 1999 he co-founded Transitions Wealth Management, LLC and recently sold it to Mercer Advisors, LLC where he plans to remain a wealth advisor for many years to come. He began his career as an auditor for Deloitte & Touche. Bruce has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Bruce is active in numerous community organizations, including Shalom Park and is finance chair of the Hebrew Educational Alliance.  He enjoys tennis, skiing, fly fishing, bike riding, family time, and finishing each day with ice cream (preferably Carvel).

We honor Bruce for his exceptional leadership and commitment to the Shalom Park community, Elders, and Care Partners.

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Shalom Park is indeed honored to be recognizing Bruce R. Bendell for his many years of support and dedication to the Elders, Care Partners and the Shalom Park Community. A fun evening for the whole family!  

Join Us in Supporting Shalom Park in our Annual Fundraiser for the sake of our Elders and Healthcare Heroes.

All are invited !